First Class 2010- 2011

Saint Brigid's National School, Castleknock, Dublin 15.

Thanks for reading our blog! July 2, 2011

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I hope you enjoyed reading our class blog throughout the year…it has been a good year. The blog will not be updated anymore. Have a great summer!


It’s our last week in first class! June 27, 2011

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The year has passed so quickly and we are busy getting organised for the holidays. The children are taking home some of their books and copies each night this week. Please empty your school bag so that you can carry home more books each day. A big thank you to everyone who sent in emails for our Flat Stanley project. We will do a recap of all the places Stanley went during the week. As you know, we get our holidays this Thursday however Wednesday is our last day together. We will be having an end of year party Wednesday afternoon. The children can bring in a DVD/ small game (cards, board game etc…) if they wish. They do not need to bring in treats as I’ll have some in the classroom. It’ll be a fun and sad day as we say goodbye to 1st class!


Some important notices. June 22, 2011

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1. 6th class cake sale in aid of the Dublin 15 hospice is taking place tomorrow Thursday 23rd June.

2. Our book sale is also taking place tomorrow- those of you who are selling your 1st class readers will do so to senior infants for €10. This will be returned in a sealed envelope so please check your child’s bag for it tomorrow.

3. The children got their 2nd class booklist today.

4. If you want to buy the 2nd class readers tomorrow- please bring in €5 in an envelope as we will be going to a 2nd class to buy them tomorrow also.

5. 1st class books will be sent home from next Monday onwards.


News June 13, 2011

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  • Yesterday 12th June was Eoin’s birthday. Happy belated birthday Eoin! Hope you had a lovely day.
  • Today we got an email from Harry’s cousin that he sent his Flat Stanley to. We saw pictures of Stanley at greyhound racing- they were great! Stanley was having a great time!!! Thanks for sending them on!
  • On Wednesday there will be an ice-cream fundraiser for Down Syndrome Ireland. Each child is asked to contribute €2 to raise funds for the organisation.
  • This week we are learning about nouns. Today we learned that a noun can be a person, place, thing or animal. The children came up with examples of each.
  • We are revising topics we have covered this year in maths- time, money and 3D shapes.

Flat Stanley letters. June 2, 2011

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   As the sports day is taking place tomorrow, we will be writing our letters next Tuesday as part of the Flat Stanley project. The project involves posting Stanley (like he was posted in the book) to someone you know and having them take Stanley somewhere, taking a photograph and explaining briefly where they took him. They can then either post him back to you at home or email us (address will be on the letter they receive) with the photo as an attachment (this may be an easier option).

In order to post the letters to a relative or friend (either in Ireland or the UK) the children will need the address of the person to whom they are sending the letter-I will have the stamps and envelopes so all we need is the address.

Please send in the address of the person to whom your child is sending their Flat Stanley to, next Tuesday 7th June so that we will be able to complete this project before the end of the school year. Thanks-we look forward to seeing the photographs!



Class news… May 31, 2011

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  • We have completed all addition and subtraction tables up to 10. For the month of June we will be revising them all. Please continue to use Times for Tables to quiz your child as part of homework.
  • We are continuing to read the book “Flat Stanley” this week. We are going to do a shorter version of “The Flat Stanley Project” which I will send out notes about later in the week.
  • This Wednesday we will do our Drumcondra Maths Tests.
  • On Friday our school sports day takes place! We are looking forward to it.

If you would like to have a short meeting with me to discuss your child’s progress before the end of the school year, please don’t hesitate to write a note in your son or daugher’s homework journal.


Maths game April 9, 2011

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Here is a good maths game to reinforce number recognition and counting onwards for addition.