First Class 2010- 2011

Saint Brigid's National School, Castleknock, Dublin 15.

Flat Stanley letters. June 2, 2011

Filed under: News,Our Work — Miss Dillon @ 6:30 pm

   As the sports day is taking place tomorrow, we will be writing our letters next Tuesday as part of the Flat Stanley project. The project involves posting Stanley (like he was posted in the book) to someone you know and having them take Stanley somewhere, taking a photograph and explaining briefly where they took him. They can then either post him back to you at home or email us (address will be on the letter they receive) with the photo as an attachment (this may be an easier option).

In order to post the letters to a relative or friend (either in Ireland or the UK) the children will need the address of the person to whom they are sending the letter-I will have the stamps and envelopes so all we need is the address.

Please send in the address of the person to whom your child is sending their Flat Stanley to, next Tuesday 7th June so that we will be able to complete this project before the end of the school year. Thanks-we look forward to seeing the photographs!



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